Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sick again!!

There are five people living in my house and we have all been sick for over a month now. One gets better and the other gets it. Kind of wearing on me alittle bit and not in a good way. I am hoping we all get better soon the weather has been so pretty here the past few days I would love to get out and enjoy it alittle with the kids.

So I made my first teddy bear the other day and when it was done I had to laugh at it. The eyes are lopsided and I guess I didnt put enough stuffing in his head but all and all he is still very cute. My husband took him he said he wanted to keep him, but here is his picture! Poor guy he looks like he has problems. :)


  1. Dont' know if you've thought about this, but if you have not already, be sure to either sterilize by boiling or high percent alcohol, too brushes OR toss them and start with new and when people begin to feel a little better, toss them out again and continue until EVERYONE is well!

  2. I never thought about that. I will do that. Thanks!